For Current Students

Reenroll at / Reenter Waseda

You will need to newly obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) in order for you to reenroll at or reenter Waseda.
(The Center for International Education (CIE) apply for your COE on your behalf.)

  • Please see here to confirm the necessary documents.
  • Please send the necessary documents to the CIE as soon as you have all of them prepared.
  • Please make sure that you allow enough time to apply for the COE. The application should not take place immediately before your expected date of reenrollment/reentrance as it will take two to three months (including the time necessary for inspection) for the Immigration Bureau to issue your COE.
The flow of the process to obtain a student visa ([1]→[8])
  • The Certificate of Admission for Reenrollment/Reentry will be sent to you together with your COE.
  • Before coming to Japan, please make sure to obtain a student visa and enter Japan within three months after the date of issue of your COE.
  • The CIE will apply on your behalf only for the residence status of “student”. If you wish to apply for a status other than “student”, you need to apply at the Immigration Bureau on your own.
  • You could be required by the Immigration Bureau to submit additional documents as necessary.
  • If you have decided to change the timing of your reenrollment/reentry for certain circumstances after you have received the COE, please immediately send the COE back to the CIE together with a brief explanation on the reasons for the change (free format).
  • If you are a person with multiple nationality and possess Japanese citizenship, you can not apply for the COE.
  • As the Immigration Bureau is responsible for the inspection to give you the residence status, Waseda University shall not in any way be held liable in case you are not permitted to be given a residence status.