For Current Students

Changing your status of residence

To apply for change of status of residence, receive the application form “For Organization” stamped with the university seal, and then apply at the Immigration Services Bureau yourself.

You need to first submit the necessary documents to the University to receive the above application form issued by the University. The handling office and submission method differ depending on your faculty / graduate school. Please make sure that you understand your handling office and submission method before proceeding.

Waseda University only handles procedures concerning your change of status of residence to "Student".


  1. Step 1

    Prepare the documents necessary for application.

  2. Step 2

    Submit the documents you prepared to your handling office in the designated way and have them checked. Receive the "Application Form for Change of Status of Residence". (a two-sheet form for organization).

  3. Step 3

    Apply at the Immigration Services Bureau.

  4. Step 4
    Inspection by the Immigration Services Bureau.
    It will take about two weeks to two months for the inspection results. You may be asked to submit additional documents by the Immigration Services Bureau. If you are notified to do so, please prepare the documents promptly. If you are asked to submit documents issued by Waseda University, please let us know as soon as possible.
  5. Step 5

    A postcard with the inspection results will reach you.

  6. Step 6
    Go to the Immigration Services Bureau to receive the results.
    *If you could not change your status, please contact the CIE.
  7. Step 7
We may file a report to the Immigration Services Bureau stating that you are a "missing person" if you: do not submit information on your status of residence to Waseda after changing your status of residence; or do not respond to inquiries (via telephone, email, or other forms of communication) from Waseda.

Handling offices and How to Submit

School office on Nishi Waseda campus

(Graduate) School of Fundamental/Creative/Advanced Science and Engineering
How to submit
How to receive
Follow the website above.

IPS office

Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems
How to submit
How to receive
Follow the website above.

School office on Tokorozawa campus

(Graduate) School of Human/Sports Sciences
How to submit
Submit via email.
How to receive
You can choose to receive them by a LetterPack or at the office counter.

Center for Japanese Language

Japanese Language Program
How to submit
Submit via email.
How to receive
Sent by post in a LetterPack.

School office on Honjo Campus

Graduate School of Environment and Energy Engineering
How to submit
Submit via email.
How to receive
Sent by post in a LetterPack.


How to submit
Submit at the office counter.
How to receive
Receive them at the office counter.

Center for International Education

All students belonging to schools other than the above
How to submit
Submit through MyWaseda Application Form.
How to receive
Come to the office after you are told to do so by email. (Issued in about 5 days, excluding office closing days)
How to submit via email
  • Scan or take pictures of all the required documents, attach them to email and send it to the respective office.
    NOTE:For "Passport", you must submit the page showing both your passport number and face photograph.
    For "Residence Card" and "Student ID Card", you must submit both sides (front and back) of each card.
  • Email heading:Change of Status of Residence: Full name (Student ID number)
    e.g.)"Change of Status of Residence: Taro Waseda (1A191234)"
  • In the main text of the email, clearly indicate your postal code, address, and phone number.
  • Please check your email regularly as the office will contact you if your documents are incomplete.
  • It takes about a week for the university to send the documents after receiving your email.
    Please note that it will take longer if the documents submitted are incomplete.


Submit the following documents [1] to [5] to your handling office in the designated way, receive the "Application Form for Change of Status of Residence (a two-sheet form for Organization), and go to the Immigration Services Bureau to apply with all the necessary documents including [6].

  • The application form for organization cannot be issued unless all the necessary documents are submitted.
  • If you fail to receive it and go to the Immigration Services Bureau without it, you will need to prepare all the necessary documents again.
  1. Application form for Change of Status of Residence
    (3 pages for applicant [Paste your photo, taken within the last 6 months] )
  2. Passport, Residence Card, Student ID
  3. Certificate of Enrollment (Online delivered destination-specific digital certificates are not acceptable.)
    • Certificate of Admission (Students before enrollment)
    • If you have been enrolled at Waseda for one semester or more, submit a transcript as well.
  4. Study/Research Certificates for non-degree students (Please request the office of your undergraduate/graduate school to issue the certificate.)
    • Certificate of Course Enrollment: for current and prospective elective course students
    • Certificate regarding research contents: for current and prospective research students
  5. Description of Expenses (use designated form)
    • Based on your passbook records, etc. for the past approximately one year, please enter the expenses for your stay (tuition + living expenses) separately according to the method of payment (however, if there are any changes, please write your plans after the change). The information in this document should be consistent with "22. Method of support to pay for expenses while in Japan" on the "Application for Change of Status of Residence" form.
    • Description of Expenses form is for university confirmation and does not need to be submitted to the Immigration Bureau, but please submit to the Immigration Services Bureau the source documents (passbook records[*], net banking statements, scholarship certificates, remittance certificates, bank balance certificates, etc.) on which you based the amount of expenses. You do not have to submit the source documents to the university.

    [*] If you submit a passbook record, the page showing the name of the bank and the name of the account holder is also required for identification purposes. Please have the bank issue the individual details for the portion where only the total sum of transaction amounts by a batch booking is recorded for a certain period.

  6. Documents related to the activities that fall under the status of residence at the time of application (Submit directly to the Immigration Services Bureau. Submission to the university is not required.)

    (1)Letter of Reason as to why you change your status (Use one side of A4 sized paper)
    (2)Documents related to the activities that fall under the status of residence:
    Depending on your status, submit the documents below:
    Working status : Copies of pay stub or Certificate of withholding tax, Certificate of Working period or Certificate of (planned) resignation
    Designated Activities for job hunting : Documents to show the job hunting activities
    * Contact the Immigration Services Bureau directly if your status is other than listed above.
    * Additional documents may be requested by the Immigration Services Bureau depending on the situation.

  • Certificates must have been produced within 3 months.
  • You can use the Certificate Issuance Service (Online Application) to obtain a certificate of enrollment and a transcript. See here for details.
  • Documents written in foreign languages other than English must be accompanied by Japanese or English translation.
  • Your student ID must be current and the address must match the address on your residence card.
  • There are some cases where submission of additional documents to the Immigration Services Bureau is required.
  • ≪Reference≫ Website of Immigration Services Agency of Japan :
    (*Access the link above then change the language from "日本語" button at the bottom left of the screen to "English.")

Certificate for Payment of Fee is necessary in order to receive the residence card.
Please obtain a revenue stamp for 4,000 yen. (You can also buy it at the Immigration Services Bureau.)

How to submit Information on Your Status of Residence

Within 14 days of receipt of a new Residence Card, please submit the information on your status of residence to the University through the Residency Check Form below:

Residency Check Form

  • If you were not granted a residence card as a result of your application, you will be required to submit an image of the ID page of your passport and the page showing your status of residence and the period of stay.
  • If you are a new student, you can submit the form only after you get your Waseda ID.