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Waseda University International Network (WiN) Newsletter
早稲田大学インターナショナル・ネットワーク (WiN) ニュースレター
2017/03/03 (最終号)

Dear WiN members,

We greatly regret to inform you that after 7 years of continual service
WiN (Waseda University International Network) will be suspended starting
this April. We would like thank all of our thousands of members for
their warm support for the service during these last seven years.
Thank you also for reading our newsletters, providing us with
interesting blog articles sharing your experiences and latest news,
and following us on and contributing to our social networking pages.

We will continue to send you the latest news from Waseda University
through the “Waseda Digest” email magazine. Also, please be sure
to utilize the social networking pages of Waseda University (Facebook,
Twitter, and LinkedIn), which are available to current students,
international students, and alumni alike to stay connected with Waseda.

Again, thank you very much for your support, and best wishes for your
future endeavors!

WiN Office

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-- This Issue’s Contents --
[1] [Blog Updates]
[2] [News/Notices from CIE/ Waseda University/Other Organizations]
[3] [Events]
[4] [Waseda University Employment Opportunities]

[1] [Blog Updates]

In October 2016, Yuka Ozaki participated in the two-month “Ship for South
East Asian and Japanese Youth Program” along with more than 300 other
young men and women from Japan and South East Asian countries. In her
article, she looks back on her many memorable activities on board as well
as her home stay in Indonesia.

The Korean Alumni Association was founded in 1947, but the first Korean
graduated from Waseda about 120 years ago. Since then, Waseda has
produced some 7,000 Korean graduates, a significant number of whom went
on to become influential figures in both the founding of South Korea
as an independent nation as well as in its rapid industrialization and
democratization thereafter.

[2] [News/Notices from CIE/Waseda University/Other Organizations]

Waseda Summer Session 2017 is accepting online applications!
(Application due March 31, 2017)
Statistics: Number of international students enrolled at Waseda University (As of Nov. 1, 2016)

<Waseda University>
Success in world’s first decarbonylative diaryl ether synthesis
Waseda first Japanese university featured on TOEIC ® program website
Waseda Egyptology team discovers 3000 year-old tomb
Innovation for ultra-conformable “electronic tattoos”
Ippei Watanabe sets world record for 200-meter breaststroke
Bringing researchers together as an international hub

[3] [Events]

<Waseda University>
2017 Waseda Kyogen Soiree (Apr. 18, 2017) (Japanese only)
Spring 2017 Graduation Ceremonies (Mar. 24-26)
Waseda University Information Session in Taiwan (Mar. 11) (Chinese only)
International Symposium: "Health Promotion: The Joy of Sports and Exercise" (Mar. 5)
Symposium: Cooperation between the organizers of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Mar. 5)

[4] [Waseda University Employment Opportunities]
Job opening information for faculty and researcher positions

Waseda University, Center for International Education (CIE)
Waseda University International Network (WiN) Office
早稲田大学 留学センター(CIE)
早稲田大学インターナショナル・ネットワーク(WiN) 事務局

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