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Winter Illumination Project

Waseda University International Network (WiN) Newsletter
早稲田大学インターナショナル・ネットワーク (WiN) ニュースレター

Dear WiN members,

This year again, the “Winter Illumination Project” has begun around
Building 22 on Waseda Campus and the nearby shopping area. Building 22
is where the office for the Center for International Education is located.
Under the Project, we decorate these areas with illumination. In the
lighting ceremony held at the beginning of this month, not only the
people concerned but also some passersby gave a shout of joy when the
electric bulbs were lit up.

This Project started in 2005 with the aim to provide an opportunity for
broad exchanges among Japanese students, international students, and local
volunteers. Although 10 years have passed already, the dreamlike
illumination in December this year is still vividly coloring the areas
around Ground-Zaka.

Waseda Illumination Project Executive Committee (WIP) has been responsible
for the Project every year. It has placed importance on the “connections
which result from exchanging ideas and promoting cooperation among
students and local people.” We interviewed the head of the Committee
(which has about 30 student members), Kensuke Kobashi in the sophomore
year of the School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, about some
episodes concerning setting up this year’s illumination.

WiN: Please tell us what is special about this year’s illumination.
“Every year, we decorate the four trees after deciding a main color
and a theme for each. The four main colors for this year are purple,
blue, orange, and white. This year, we have newly obtained purple LEDs.
We will be happy if you will enjoy the purple light and the decoration
featuring Maleficent Dragon.”

WiN: Were there any troubles in setting up the illumination?
“If it is raining when we bind the trees with a cord with the LEDs, we could
get an electric shock. So, we cannot do the work when it is raining. And it
is also troublesome that we must climb up a tree when we bind it with a cord.”

The weather for late fall this year was unstable and rainy, so it must have
been difficult to decide when to decorate the trees. If we imagine the
thoughts and troubles of those people who installed the illumination bulbs
one by one, we may feel more warmth in the lights of the illuminated trees.

Thank you for reading WiN Newsletter this year.
We hope your new year will be as bright and peaceful as the winter illumination.

WiN Office

-- This Issue’s Contents --
[1] [Blog Updates]
[2] [News/Notices from CIE/ Waseda University/Other Organizations]
[3] [Events]
[4] [Waseda University Employment Opportunities]

[1] [Blog Updates]

Hello from Taiwan! Taiwan Koyukai has a history of more than 60 years.
The members are Taiwanese people who have studied at Waseda either before
or after the war. The number of members tops 500, many of them playing
active roles in the political or the business world in Taiwan.

[2] [News/Notices from CIE/Waseda University/Other Organizations]

Message from the Dean
The Fourth Tamkang World Forum for Youth Leaders 2017 (Application deadline Jan. 10, 2017)

<Waseda University>
WASEDA VISION 150 -Waseda's Mission for the 150th Anniversary-
Waseda signs comprehensive agreement with UNDP
Director-General of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) visits Waseda
World’s first proof of functional characterization of protein
Compton camera for 3D multi-color molecular imaging, in the palm of your hands
New process produces hydrogen at much lower temperature
Honorary doctorate conferred upon Emeritus Professor Gao Mingxuan at Renmin
University of China

[3] [Events]

<Waseda University>
International Symposium "Universities in Global Society: Framework of
Education for Prospective Global Leaders" (Jan. 23, 2017)

Film Screening & Talk: Documentary Screening “The Road to Irish Independence” (Jan. 13, 2017)

<Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum (Enpaku)>
"Shakespeare Renaissance – from Shoyo to NINAGAWA" (Showing until Jan. 29, 2017) (Japanese only)
Rakugo and the media exhibition (Showing until Jan. 18, 2017)

<Aizu Museum>
Special Exhibition: Art of Tibetan Buddhism (Showing until Jan. 31, 2017)

[4] [Waseda University Employment Opportunities]
Job opening information for faculty and researcher positions


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