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  1. Career
    1. My One and Only
    2. Interning at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo
    3. S. Takata Memorial Research Library and My Research Theme
    4. Building a Career in Japan - Don't let the Japanese people beat you in linguistic skills and cultural comprehension -
    5. 67 years after World War II
    6. What is a life plan? From the National Bar Exam to becoming a painter
    7. Job-hunting experience note -Receiving a job offer from the first-choice company is not a dream-
    8. Job-hunting experience note -Self-analysis is about "Constructing one-self"-
    9. The skill-levels of world-class top talents are extremely high. That is why, in order to compete against the world, ambition and aspiration is necessary.
    10. Japan's passport did not come falling from the skies. Fight now for the respect of the future Japanese.
    11. OECD Internship Report
    12. Settling down in Waseda
    13. Be true to yourself, boldly step forward into the things that excite you!
    14. Job Hunting experience notes
    15. In Finland, as an Artist and a Researcher
    16. Using My experiences from Waseda,
    17. Waseda:An everlasting bond
    18. Recent report from Denmark
    19. Submission from WiN member (Recent Report)
    20. Memories of Waseda
    21. My experience at Waseda
    22. My time at Waseda University
    23. Teaching Position at Korea University
  1. Event Reports
    1. C21 Tokyo Challenge
    2. Enjoying a taste of South-East Asia: Vietnamese Bánh Mì Sandwiches and Milo
    3. Looking Back on the "Go Global Japan" English Presentation Contest
    4. Student Visa Day at the American Embassy
    5. 3rd Place Finish in the "Hong Kong Cup"
    6. Students' Day at the American Embassy
    7. ASIAN STUDENTS ENVIRONMENT PLATFORM 2012: Environmental field studies by students from Japan, China, and Korea
    8. Reflections on the Universitas21 Undergraduate Research Conference 2012 Part 2: Non-academic conference learning
    9. Reflections on the Universitas21 Undergraduate Research Conference 2012 Part 1: Academic conference learning
    10. The 7th Foreigner's Traditional Japanese Dance Exhibition: Waseda University student performers' questionnaire interview
    11. [Event] Universitas 21 Undergraduate Research Conference 2012 at Waseda University - ended in a great success!
  1. Gourmet
    1. What Do You Do With a Major in Ramen?
  1. Others
    1. "Ship for South East Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAYP)"
    2. Exchange Students from US Reunite at Waseda after 30 years
    3. "Like" WiN on Facebook!
    4. WiN Blog starts
  1. Sports
    1. Learning How "To Think" Through Waseda University's Track & Field
    2. Participating in the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships
    3. "Participating in the XXV Winter Universiade Games (2011/Erzurum)"
    4. My experience with Waseda's American Football Bukatsu
  1. Study Abroad
    1. Shifting Cultivation and the Challenge of Sustainability in Mopungchuket Village, India
    2. Building the TOMODACHI Generation
    3. Kakehashi Project Report
    4. The Double Degree Program at Peking University
    5. Camping and Snowshoeing in Canada
    6. An Encouragement of two-stages approach to study abroad
    7. Studying abroad in Brisbane, Australia
    8. A new kind of Study Abroad
    9. 14-Day Short term Study Abroad Program in Chowgule College, Goa - "What can I do? What can they do? What can you do?"
    10. From Tsugaru strait to the African highest peak Kilimanjaro
    11. PIANO LINE -Seattle Study Abroad Chronicles-
    12. In Finland, as an Artist and a Researcher
    13. What I learned about China through Shanghai Fudan University
    14. Why are those who've experienced study abroad programs a little different? -Full Japanese SILS student reveals the whole story of studying abroad -
    15. China, The Neighboring Country You Do Not Know ~ My Encounter at Peking University ~
    16. Study Abroad Experience Notes
    17. C'est la vie! This is life! Work hard, Play hard.
    18. Study abroad @ Taiwan
    19. Study abroad @ Beijing
  1. Study in Japan
    1. Visiting the Prime Minister's Residene
    2. IPS Summer School 2016: Culture Meets Culture
    3. The World is Smaller than We Think
    4. Waseda Summer 2016
    5. The Opportunity of a Lifetime
    6. Experiencing Village Life at Kijimadaira
    7. A Fantastic Opportunity
    8. A Rewarding Experience
    9. An Amazing Experience
    10. Take Me Wonder by Wonder
    11. I Couldn't Ask for More
    12. Another Kokusaibu Story
    13. SAKURA Exchange Program in Science
    14. I Want to Go Again!
    15. More than Good Sushi
    16. Immersive Experience into the Japanese Culture
    17. 40 Years of Memories in a Photo
    18. Experiencing Everything First Hand
    19. Waseda Summer Session wasn't like any other Summer Camp
    20. Looking Forward to the Past
    21. Weeding a Rice Paddy ~Field Trip to Niigata~
    22. Japan Study Students to Waseda: A message from the class of 1983-84
    23. Developing Medical and Welfare Robots ~The Challenges of Kabe Laboratory, Faculty of Human Sciences~
    24. Recollecting experiences of Exchange Programme at Waseda
    25. Kuroda Kazuo Interview: About Studying in Japan
  1. Volunteer Activity
    1. Taking the first step in volunteering
    2. "Volunteer experience in earthquake-hit area Natori"
    3. "The Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Volunteering"
    4. How my perspective changed through volunteering
    5. Tohoku Volunteer
    6. Great East Japan Earthquake    "Fumbaro East Japan Support Project"


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China, The Neighboring Country You Do Not Know ~ My Encounter at Peking University ~


(天野)共に頑張った DD の仲間.JPGのサムネール画像

My DD friends that I worked hard with


Name:Sun Amano
Period Attended at Waseda:2008 to presentt
Affiliation at Waseda:School of Law ( 2008  to present)
Study Abroad: Peking University (China), Double Degree(DD)

 I wanted to learn International Relations in China.
 Countless times I was told that if I wanted to study about International Relations, to go to the US. On the other hand, International Relations is only taught at three or four universities in China and that is what got me curious as to what it is that they teach in these classes. It was said that thought control used to be applied in China, then is the truth being told about world affairs? How are capitalistic countries existences being viewed? I became very much interested to know the reality of the situation in China which I would not be able to gain in Japan and hence, decided to go abroad to China for one year. This is my experience notes and if it would help anyone about their decisions as to where to go for their study abroad program, I would be very happy.


What the Double Degree Program is all about
 The Double Degree Program (here on after DD) is a great program with such a great deal as it allows you to go abroad to Peking University for a year and obtain a degree from Peking University when graduating Waseda University if you acquire the necessary credits from the chosen classes. The biggest merit of a DD is that you get to attend the same classes as the local Chinese students (150 minutes!) and sit the same examinations (descriptive questions about 3500 characters in 2 hours). You get to experience a more real Chinese student lifestyle. With that being said, there are also demerits. I knew that I could not just go with a half-hearted attitude to a university that only accepts the top 3000 students from about ten million test takers. There would be no chance for me keep up with such competitive people if I had only little knowledge and hardly studied. At first I felt as if I couldn’t handle my time in China as I could not say what I wanted because of the language barrier and the content of the classes were so difficult. It was like having a very high wall in front of me that I could never climb over. The first people who helped me out were my professors and the local students. The professors made time for us exchange students ask questions after class and students lent me their notebooks that I was touched by Chinese people’s caring personalities and kindness. In addition to that, the same exchange students from Waseda University gave me great strength and support. We would encourage and study together before tests, at times we would talk about the how the Japanese were criticized during a video that we watched during our Diplomatic Strategy Analysis class. It was valuable to have people with the same views around me when at times it got tough being in a foreign country.


Exchange students from around the world at Peking University
 Many excellent students from around the world gather at Peking University. Of that, 80% are Koreans who are regular students and speak Chinese like a native. At my dormitory I was able to interact with Koreans and Russians and many other exchange students of other nationalities. We would organize parties to cook and present our home country dishes and spend the night playing games whilst talking away. All are now good memories. During my one year abroad I gained much knowledge of many different countries but also studied very hard to know more about my home country Japan. I was asked why the Japanese prime minister kept on changing a lot but found myself speechless and puzzled myself. For those foreigners in front of me, they saw me as a representative of Japan. This was the first time I felt a sense of responsibility as a Japanese citizen.


Waseda’s existence at Peking University
 When telling Peking University students that I am from Waseda University they would compliment me by saying “Waseda University students are the smartest in Japan” or “It’s a really famous university!” In China, Waseda University is a well known university for study abroad options and is very popular. Although I felt a little timid with all the compliments it felt good too.
 Not only does Waseda University have an established reputation from the Chinese but also the graduates of Waseda University who are successful in Peking and creating a large community are gaining an established reputation from local Japanese too. All exchange students from Waseda University are able to join the Peking Tomonkai (Alumni Association). The college seniors I met through there were powerful and excellent people who taught me how to survive in China and many other things. As I am very interested in becoming lawyer I was able to get an internship at a law firm through the Tomonkai. I was able to hear stories about real life experiences, consult about my future and gain much valuable experience. As a Waseda student, having experienced a study abroad at Peking would help me greatly with my career options in the future.

China, the country we seem to know
 If I were to say that “China is attracting much attention from around the world” I’m sure that most people would agree. Nobel Peace Prize, Senkaku Islands dispute, Six-party talks, intellectual property and such, there seems to be no end to the amount of information being delivered through the media. May the image about our neighboring country China be good or bad each person most likely has some sort of knowledge of the place. Still, what are we to base our knowledge and decisions on to be able to say that we “know” China? Have you seen the parade held on the National Day of People’s Republic of China? Have you experienced the hustle and bustle of the Spring festival or more commonly known as the Chinese New Year? Do you know of the 2010 Yushu earthquake, the media about it and the fundraising campaign across the country? Do you know that there are students at Peking University who love Japan and are fluent in Japanese?

 There are many parts that China closes itself from other countries. I discussed with some Chinese students about what to change, what not to change, what we need to do to change and what it is that we need to do to build up this society.
 As time changes, the outward appearance would change and China as a country is accomplishing to alter itself to every day. Under the mass population and wide territory there are limitless amount of hidden possibilities about China we still do not know.

 If you think the real thrill of a study abroad program is to see and experienc everything then I strongly recommend you to visit China, our neighboring country you think you know and experience all these things you never knew. I strongly believe that the things we do not know about China is the actual real lure of the country.

I do not think there is any other university that puts in so much effort and support for study abroad programs. As you are in this environment I would say that it is a waste not to go abroad. To turn an unexplored world as a part of you would make you a stronger individual.   

 To encounter a lifelong friendship, to experience an unforgettable opportunity, to study hard, surely there are many reasons. Whatever the reason, why not take your first step and turn “study abroad” into reality?



 Beautiful lake in Pelking University, Weiming Lake




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