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Global Seminar on Sustainability
For much of the twentieth century, particularly in the decades following the Second World War,colleges and universities of note endeavored to broaden the education of their students through programs of “study abroad.” Ranging from simple visits to “foreign” institutions to formal exchanges and occasional joint endeavors, study abroad did much to widen the perspectives of undergraduates and cultivate a cosmopolitan sensibility. Programs of this kind have been, and remain, basic instruments of a liberal education.
Yet the world of our new century is marked by a series of changes that form a new global culture and challenge the way we form our students as able and efficient citizens. People and goods, ideas and services now move across borders as a matter of norm, not exception; communication today is conducted more typically in “real time” than through the mails; and issues that once could be framed and addressed within nations separately are now the burden of the world at large.
A new form of international education is called for, one that embraces the world that is emerging and adopts the modes of exchange and behavior it is creating. Such education willfocus less on the accidents that divide nations than on the facts that confront them jointly,
less on the glories of our separate pasts and more on the challenges of our common future. Its aim will be true global discourse, not simply cultural exchange. The Global Honors College is offered as a worthy response to this challenge.
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