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Waseda University was founded in 1882. Since its establishment, Waseda has been sending its students around the world as international students,while at the same time actively welcoming international students from around the globe. Significantly, this tradition of openness to the world continues to the present day.

The "melting pot of people" is a phrase that refers to the gathering of many kinds of people. Similarly, Waseda's University Campus is "melting pot of human talent", with high spirited and talented people from every part of Japan, as well as industrious researchers and students from
around the world who gather and overcome ethnic and linguistic barriers.
Embodying the spirit of these words, Waseda University strives for mutual cultivation of the "melting pot of human talent" by the interaction of different nationalities, ethnic groups, regions, sexes, abilities and points of view.

While at Waseda's university campus, students can encounter a universe of experiences. Importantly, Waseda University is currently blessed with being one of the top universities in Japan in terms of number of international students, a continuation of its tradition of being an
internationally oriented educational institution which has sent a large number of prominent leaders in the Asia area. Further, this international tradition has contributed to the firm establishment of Waseda University as an intellectual hub in the Asian region.

As you soar ahead as next generation of global leaders, I hope that you will be able to use what you have learnt here at Waseda University to continue to contribute to its tradition of internationality and openness.
Dr. Kazuo Kuroda Dean
Center for International Education
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